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Is Carvoeiro (too) touristy?

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

A question I'm asked many times, 'is Carvoeiro (too) touristy?'. My answer: it all depends on what you want to get out of your trip and when you're visiting. Carvoeiro is a gorgeous place to visit all year round but some months are definitely better and less crowded than others. This blog will give you all the tips to enjoy Carvoeiro to the fullest but avoid hordes of holidaymakers at the same time. 👇

What's in this blog?

Best months to travel

Where to stay

Things to do

Is Carvoeiro touristy?
Praia do Carvoeiro, Algarve

Carvoeiro is a typical village that changes with the seasons. During the summer months it's very busy with tourist and may be over crowded, it is at least in my opinion. In the winter time there are far less holidaymakers and the small beach town get's pretty quiet. This is a great time of year to visit as it's not too cold and you'll have lots of choice at the beach bars and restaurants. However, my absolute fave time to visit Carvoeiro and avoid big crowd and tourists is the mid seasons. Check it out! 👇


It's just so super green this time of year, it's stunning. The weather is slightly unstable but usually warm enough to wear a t-shirt and hang out by the pool or outdoor activities. The town of Carvoeiro is usually pretty quiet this time of year and you won't find too many tourists around. However, the Easter weekend makes up for the whole month. 😉 It can be pretty touristy around this long weekend break. Don't worry, it's still nothing compared to summer but I do recommend planning your dinner reservations in advance.


The nature around Carvoeiro remains green and the weather is at (in my opinion) its best. Not too hot, but definitely beach weather and nice and warm! There are still not too many tourist around but you'll find a nice balance of people wandering in the towns, visiting bars and restaurants and having some coziness around the town. Definitely recommend visiting Carvoeiro in May!


A lovely time to visit. Still not too many tourists around and absolutely lovely weather! It can even already be pretty hot. It's the perfect time to visit if you are a sun lover and enjoy spending time at the beach! Daytime can be quite warm and evenings are perfect for eating out and enjoying a drink under the palmtrees.

is Carvoeiro touristy?
Algar Seco, Carvoeiro

September High season has ended and the weather is still pretty amazing. It's still beach weather and the water temperature is at its warmest as the long hot summer has heated the ocean to 20 degrees! 😉 Most tourists have left the small beach resort by now and you'll find a nice balance of of people enjoying drinks on the terraces but now crowded beaches and lines at the shops.

October I love escaping cold and dark north-western European weather in October and escape to the sunny town of Carvoeiro. The clear starry nights and beautiful moonrises are my favorite in October. The town of Carvoeiro already get's pretty quiet around this time of year. However it can still be pretty touristy around the (Dutch) fall break but it's still no too bad.

is Carvoeiro touristy?
Praia do Paraiso, Carvoeiro

Best times to visit Carvoeiro


​18-21 degrees (much warmer during daytime)

Pretty quiet besides Easter


22-24 degrees (usually feels lots warmer during daytime)

Not many tourists but cozy


25 degrees

Pretty busy but still really nice


27 degrees

Pretty busy but still really nice


23 degrees

Not many tourists but cozy


Places to stay in Carvoeiro
Vila dos Piscos, Monte Carvoeiro

Did not book your stay in Carvoeiro yet? There are my personal recommendations to hide away from big crowds and enjoy the beautiful nature and town :


Summarizing the answer to your question 'is Carvoeiro touristy'? Yes it is. It will always be because it's a beach town. There will always be tourists. Is it TOO touristy? Only in summer and around international holidays. I'm sure you will love this beautiful little beach town and enjoy it's beautiful surroundings and coastline.

Is Carvoeiro touristy?
Praia do Carvoeiro, Algarve


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