The Algarve in October.

Updated: Oct 26

So fall just started and if you're from a colder European country like me, fall the perfect time to extend summer and head down south. What is the Algarve like in October? Well let me tell you!

Weather in fall in the Algarve.

The weather in October and even November us usually really great and can still be pretty hot. The average temperature in October is 25 degrees and still 20 degrees in November! Perfect to escape the cold windy wet weather and soak up some sun. The Algarve is one of the sunniest places in Europe but chances of a storm or some rain are higher in fall. However overall it is still one of a great time to travel to the Algarve.

One of my favorite things about the Algarve in October and especially November is the blossoming bougainvillea and moon rises. The sky and flowers are absolutely my favorite this time of year.

Oktober and november in the Algarve

Things to do in October in the Algarve.

Summers can be really really hot down in the Algarve but temperatures in October are usually around 25 degrees what makes it perfect for activities like surfing, hiking, road trips, supping, coasteering and exploring beaches.