What is the Algarve like in May?

Spring time in the Algarve is absolutely amazing and May is definitely one of my favorite months to visit! It's still green, temperatures are perfect and there are not too many people.

What's in this blog?

The weather

What to pack

Things to do

Where to stay


The Algarve in May
Praia do Paraiso, Carvoeiro

The weather in May

The landscape remains green and the weather is (in my opinion😉) the best out of the whole year. It's the perfect month to visit the Algarve if you're looking for reliably sunny weather. Not too hot, but definitely beach weather and mild enough for doing sporty outdoor activities! There are still not too many tourist around but it's a nice balance of people wandering in the towns, visiting bars and restaurants and having some coziness around! The average temperature is 22-24 degrees but usually feels lots warmer during daytime. The warm sun and perfect temperatures this month make this the perfect time to travel to the Algarve.


What to pack

The warm Algarve sun is very strong in May so make sure to bring a good sunscreen! Even though it can be quite warm during daytime make sure to bring something warm for early mornings and evenings. The temperatures in May are lovely for having dinner outdoors and wander around the old towns in the evenings but definitely bring a sweater and maybe even a light jacket to keep you warm. Also, with the warm daytime temperatures make sure to bring beachwear and explore the beautiful Algarve beaches.

So don't forget: 😉

  • High protection sunscreen

  • Sweater

  • Light jacket

  • Beach wear


Things to do in the Algarve in May
Praia de Vale Covo, Carvoeiro

Things to do

May is the perfect month to travel to the Algarve if you love the warm Algarve sun but want to avoid the hot 30+ temperatures in summer. It's warm enough for activities like exploring beaches, eating out and swimming but still mild enough to enjoy activities like hiking, horse riding, bird watching and climbing! If you love surfing or like to take a lesson, you'll also for sure will still find some waves around in May, especially on the west coast of the Algarve!

There are so many fun activities you can do in the Algarve and May is perfect for many of them! So make sure to check out all the great things you can do in the Algarve! 👇


The Algarve in May
Carvoeiro, Algarve

Where to stay

Where you'd like stay in the Algarve all depends on what you want to get out of your trip. Temperatures in May are warm enough to stay at the colder west coast of the Algarve and enjoy beautiful waves and water sports. However, if you like a beach holiday with lots of chilling at the beach and pool, I would recommend you to stay at the more central or eastern part of the Algarve. Each area in the Algarve has their own qualities.

The Algarve is filled with idilic beach towns on white sandy coves with crooked white washed houses. You'll find tiny non-touristy towns like Burgau and Salema and Larger towns with many facilities and lively town centers like Lagos and Carvoeiro. If you like some peace and quiet for your holiday, you'll also find plenty of unspoiled quiet and peaceful towns in this beautiful region. To make it easy for you I've listed all my favorite beach towns already! 👇

The Algarve in May
Salema, Algarve

Another great thing about staying in the Algarve in May are the prices! Prices in May are higher comparing to wintertime but accommodation is much cheaper then it is in high season (July - August)! It’s still possible to pick up a bargain Airbnb, hotel or stay at a surf house.

If you're thinking about traveling to the Algarve in May, especially solo, make sure to check out To the Sea Retreat (hosted in the beautiful Vila dos Piscos). It's the perfect place to stay if you love barefoot luxury, meeting like minded people, good healthy food, yoga, surf and some much needed relaxation time!

The Algarve in May
To the Sea Retreat, Algarve


Summarizing, this is what you want to know about the Algarve in May:

  • The weather in May is reliable and warm with average temperatures around 22-24 degrees.

  • Make sure to bring good sunscreen and clothes for warm day temperatures and colder evenings.

  • May is a great time to visit if you love eating out, exploring beaches, climbing, hiking, surfing and more!

  • Prices in May are much cheaper comparing to high season!