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The Algarve in April and what it's like

Updated: Apr 11

Thinking about a trip to the Algarve in April? Whether this is the right month for you to travel, all depends on what you want to get out of your trip. I personally love the Algarve in April. Let me tell you why this is the perfect time to visit the beautiful Algarve.

What's in this blog?

The weather

Things to do in April

Where to stay


What is the algarve like in April
April in the Algarve

The weather in April

You'd think the Algarve in April is similar to March, but it can actually be lots warmer. The average temperature is about 18 degrees but during daytime it can easily reach the mid-twenties or even 25+ degrees. Evenings and mornings are chilly but midday and the afternoon can be beach weather so make sure to pack for different temperatures. Bring a jumper and a light jacket but also beachwear!

Another great thing about April is that it's really green this time of year. Nature in this month is just absolutely beautiful! You can really feel and smell spring in the air.


Things to do in the Algarve in April

If you're a surfer, April is also a good time to travel as the weather is nice and there are usually pretty good waves. Also, you won't find too many people in April. No big crowds or package holiday travellers. All together this makes April one of my favorite months to travel to the Algarve.

If you love swimming you should know the ocean is definitely chilly and swimming is let's say.. very refreshing! The average water temperature this time of year is 17.3 degrees. 😉 But definitely bring a bikini for chilling on the beach.

Love being active and outdoor activities? In this case April in the Algarve is perfect!

With milder temperatures at daytime between 18 - 25 degrees, it's perfect for activities like hiking and climbing, even in the middle of the day. It's also not too cold for waters ports like supping, kayaking or surfing. There are so much fun things to do in the Algarve!


Where to stay

Wondering where to stay on your April trip? You're in the right place at To the Sea Stories. I've actually written several blogs that are very useful if you're looking into the most beautiful part of the Algarve, beachfront hotels and beach towns! I've also written lists with my favorite luxury boutique hotels, beautiful hotels in nature and places to stay on the beach! Check it out. 👇



  • The average temperature is around 18 degrees but feels much warmer during the day and can easily reach the mid-twenties

  • Bring clothes for all kinds of weather, so a jumper and beachwear

  • It's great weather for outdoor activities like surfing

  • The ocean water is still quiet cold for swimming

  • It's not too busy

  • Nature is really beautiful this time of year

April in the Algarve
The Algarve in April

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