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The Algarve in Winter

Summer in the Algarve is beautiful, but it’s also busy and crowded. If you want to escape the crowds for a quieter time, winter in the Algarve is the perfect escape route.

The Algarve is a unique destination that offers a taste of southern Portugal. Whether you're looking for an adventure or a relaxing getaway, this blog will help you find what you need to make your holiday a memorable one.

Here is all you need to know about the Algarve in winter. 👇

The algarve in winter - beach day in November
Analog photo of a beach day in December in the Algarve

The weather

It depends on where you're coming from, but if you're from a cold (European) country like me, the Algarve in winter is absolutely great! Temperatures around 17/18 degrees and mostly sunny days make this a perfect winter escape. I've also had many poolside bikini days with 23+ temperatures in the middle of winter here. However there are significantly colder days with rain and wind. So if your goal is tanning on the beach with a cocktail, this might not be the best time for you to go. It's a great time if you're into outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, bird watching and exploring new beaches.

Very important to keep in mind: the weather changes drastically ones you go around the corner from the south to the west coast. The more south east you go, the warmer and better (less windier) the weather usually gets. I would recommend staying anywhere between Tavira and Salema as Sagres can already be really windy, cold and quiet in winter.

The Algarve in Winter
Porches Pottery in near Carvoeiro


What to pack for Winter in the Algarve

Pack for every kind of weather. Bring some jumpers, a light jacket and a beanie but make sure to bring a bikini if you love a dive in the pool or ocean. A dress or shorts and shortsleeved clothes are also essential as midday-time temperatures can be pretty warm.

The Algarve in winter
A sunny Algarve day in December


The People

The Algarve in winter can be really quiet in wintertime, especially the (smaller) beach towns that run on tourists in summer. Some restaurants and bars are closed and there are not too many people around. This makes the towns less lively. However, around Christmas time and New Years the Algarve comes alive again. I personally love the more quiet times in the Algarve. You live outside during the day, snuggle up to the fire place in the evening and go out for dinners on the weekends. If you love going out and trying bars and restaurants, I would recommend visiting the bigger towns.


Things to do in the Algarve in Winter

If you're an outdoor person like me, the Algarve in winter is perfect. The surf is at its best and the weather is great for outdoor activities. Think of activities like:

The Algarve in Winter
Winter sunrise yoga in the Algarve


I hope you found everything you wanted to know about the Algarve in wintertime. If you have any recommendations for things to do in winter or anything else you'd like to get in touch about, send me a message at

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