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The Algarve in March: a complete Vacation Guide (including hotels)

Seeking a sunny escape in March? The Algarve is one of Europe's sunniest vacation spots. Wondering what March holds in this beautiful region? Let's dive in! As someone who loves winters in the Algarve, I can vouch for March being a wonderful time.

What's in this guide:

  1. The weather and packing tips

  2. Ideal spots for enjoying March weather

  3. Hotel recommendations

  4. Things to do

  5. Renting a car

  6. Wrap-up

The Algarve in March
The Shack in Quinta do Lago


Weather insights and packing tips

March marks a transition; while it's relatively cooler, the sun still graces the region with pleasant temperatures averaging around 18-20 degrees and even feels much warmer during mid day. It's advisable to pack a mix of clothing—a bikini for the sunny spells, along with a warm jumper, a light jacket, and perhaps a beanie for the cooler moments if you love visiting windier spots on the west coast.

I'ver personally actually experienced many hot days in March that were perfect for hotel pool and beach chilling.

Although the ocean might still be a bit chilly for swimming, March is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly surf lovers and hikers, as the waves are amazing and the landscape bursts into vibrant greenery from February through June.

March Algarve surf
Analog shot of Praia do Zavial


Ideal spots for enjoying march weather

Trough out the year, the eastern Algarve tends to be the warmest. As you head west, especially around the corner of Sagres, expect cooler and windier conditions. Optimal locations lie between the Spanish border and Salema (south western Algarve). Seek out sheltered beaches for tranquil beach days away from the winds, basking in the sun's warmth. Overall, March might not be prime bikini beach weather, but it's a fantastic month for outdoor pursuits and soaking up the sun's rays.

I would recommend staying in a hotel in a slightly bigger beach town as some restaurants can remain closed troughout March, especially in the smaller Algarve beach resorts.

Some of my favorite spots for March:

The Algarve in March
Club Nau in Ferragudo


Hotel recommendations in the Algarve in March

Looking for the perfect hotel? I've got you! Here are some of my personal recommendations for winter.

1. Caneiros Luxury Suites

Nestled between the picturesque beach towns of Carvoeiro and Ferragudo, this luxury boutique hotel offers breathtaking views across beautiful valleys and the Atlantic Ocean. A true piece of paradise, it invites you to indulge in the very best of the Algarve.

Caneiros Luxury Suites, Ferragudo,  Algarve
Caneiros Luxury Suites, Ferragudo, Algarve

2. Bela Vista Hotel & Spa

This 5 star luxury hotel has the absolute wow-effect! Bela Vista Hotel & Spa is a luxury oceanfront hotel that offers boutique accommodation in a magical historic building on the cliffs of the famous Praia da Rocha. The uniquely styled hotel has direct beach acces and incredible views across the vast Atlantic.

 Bela Vista Hotel & Spa, Portimão, Algarve
Bela Vista Hotel & Spa, Portimão, Algarve

3. White Shell Beach Villas

Simple, minimalistic, yet stylish and a stone throw away from the beach. This is what White Shell Beach Villas is all about. This eco-friendly resort is where you'll want to go for a relaxing and luxurious holiday by the sea with all the comfort you could wish for.

White Shell Beach Villa's, Porches, Algarve
White Shell Beach Villa's, Porches, Algarve

4. Hospedaria

Located near Cabanas de Tavira and the small city of Tavira, Hotel Hospedaria is the perfect hotel to stay on a romantic weekend trip. The old farm house hotel offers a stylish yet chilled ambiance and is perfect for making day trips like a Flamingo boat tour, exploring the Faro Islands, enjoying a beach day, and hiking in the mountains.

The most beautiful nature stays in the Algarve
Hospedaria, Tavira

More hotel recommendations:

Did not find what you're looking for? Make sure to check out my other articles with amazing accommodations in the Algarve.

For rent in February
My beach flat in Burgau (200 meter from the beach) for rent


Things to do in the Algarve in March

If you love the outdoors and adventure, you'll love this! Wintertime is perfect for all sorts of cool stuff: surfing, hiking, road trips, and exploring beautiful beaches! The Algarve is your playground! I've added some links down below to my favorite activities for your winter holiday this year!


Renting a car

To get around and discover the Algarve to the fullest, I highly recommend renting a car. Trough discover cars renting a car and comparing prices is really easy!

Need some tips and personal reviews on car rentals at Faro Airport? Check out my personal favorite car rentals.


Wrap-up: The Algarve in March

  • The average temperature is around 18-20 degrees

  • Temperatures can feel much warmer during daytime but chilly in early mornings and evenings.

  • Bring clothes for all kinds of weather

  • Its great weather for outdoor activities

  • Look for sheltered beaches to enjoy a nice beach day

  • Stay anywhere in between the Spanish boarder and Salema for the best weather

  • Stay in one of the bigger towns as it is low season and more restaurants will be open


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