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Everything you need to know about the Algarve in summer

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Planning your summer vacation? Look no further than the Algarve, where the weather from June to August is stable and perfect for a summer holiday. With hardly any rainfall, you can enjoy up to 12 hours of sunlight each day and make the most of the beautiful beaches with your loved ones. While the Algarve is certainly popular in the summer season, don't worry about crowds as there are plenty of ways to avoid them. In this blog, discover everything you need to know about this piece of paradise in the south of Portugal and how to get the most out of your summer stay.

What's in this blog?

The weather in summer

Where to stay to avoid crowds

The best towns to stay in summer

Things to do in summer

The Algarve in summer
Praia da Marinha, Algarve

The weather in summer

Dreaming about spending long summer nights wondering around cute old beach towns? You can! The Algarve in summer is hot, hot, hot and can easily reach 35°C. However, that's okay because the coastal breezes usually make the high temperatures much more tolerable. The beautiful clear blue Atlantic has an average water temperature of 20°C in summer and is perfect for swimming and cooling down. Night time temperatures are usually above 20°C so I would recommend staying somewhere with airconditioning.

Temperatures in summer:










Where to go and avoid crowds

To be honest, summer in the Algarve can unfortunately be extremely overpopulated with tourists and is not one my favorite time to visit. But don't worry, crowds can be avoided if you just know where to stay.

Let's start with the right area in the Algarve. There is a big difference between each region in the Algarve. The central Algarve with its beautiful and famous coastline is usually the busiest of all. Plan you summer stay in one of the small towns in the stunning western Algarve with its wild nature or find a cute beach Airbnb in the eastern Algarve with is white and long sandy beaches. These places are significantly less busy in summer!

I also recommend not staying in big package holiday hotels that occupy the central Algarve. Yes, I feel you, great prices and you get soooo much for it but you're not the only one that thinks like that. Look for more privacy and book your own Airbnb or a smaller boutique hotel. Enjoy a quiet all fresco breakfast on your own terrace overlooking the beautiful Algarve mountains or ocean!

Another recommendation, search for beaches that are slightly harder to acces and don't offer as many facilities. These are usually more quiet! I can't even describe how beautiful the beaches in this entire region are, so you will for sure find something that will amaze you! I've listed my favorite ones for you already! Have read. :)


The best towns to stay in summer

As I mentioned above, the more quiet areas in the Algarve are the east and west. You'll find some beautiful more quiet towns up in the mountains or on the ocean that are still not too touristy in summer and are perfect for your summer holiday!


This beautiful tiny fisherman town is situated in a beautiful sandy bay with clear blue waters and white washed houses. It's the perfect place for you if you love hiking along the rocky Algarve cliffs and enjoy small towns and white sandy coves. Salema is located in the south western Algarve about a 20 minute drive west from the larger town of Lagos. The town offers a handful of cute little restaurants and bars to enjoy your morning coffee or sunset drink overlooking the ocean. The beautiful dramatic nature of the west coast is a small drive away and bigger towns with more facilities like Lagos and Sagres are both easy to reach within 20 minutes by car.

The Algarve in Summer
Salema, Algarve


One of my favorite towns in the Algarve is Monchique. This town is the ideal destination if you're a nature lover and enjoy some peace and quiet. The towns is situated up in the mountains of the Algarve. Monchique is a beautiful old town with its highest point at 902m with spectacular views that reach all the way to Cabo the Vincente, the most south wester part of Europe in Sagres.


You'll find this cute little town just a 10 minute drive from Lagos. It's located in a small bay and has a relaxed and chilled vibe. You'll find a cute colorful old town with cobbled streets, crooked whitewashed houses, a large sandy beach and a handful of cute cafe's. The main beach is lovely and It's a great town to stay for a beach holiday and/or as a base to visit nearby towns like Lagos, Sagres or the old town of Monchique.

The Algarve in Summer
Burgau, Algarve

Monte Clérigo

This is an amazing place to stay if you're a surf lover. You'll find the nature here to be wild and unspoiled with beautiful waves hitting the dramatic cliffs all year round. Praia do Monte Clérigo is part of the Costa Vicentina natural park. It's characterized by cute colorful houses situated on the hill on the south side of the beach. This little surf town has a chilled vibe. The town is mainly visited by surfer, local families and nature lovers. You'll find a handful of places to eat and to stay here. Want to know more about surf towns in the Algarve? Click here!

You'll find so many more beautiful towns in the Algarve to visit! I've listed my favorite beach towns for you already, so check it out!


Things to do in Summer

With the warm and stable Algarve temperatures in summer it's the perfect time in for outdoor activities and soaking up some sum!

There is something to do for every age in the Algarve. Personally, I've been coming here since I was 3 and loved it every phase of my life. From long hikes, hanging out by the pool and beach picknicks to surfing and boat tours, we always had and still have a great time here with the whole family!

Looking for the best activities in the Algarve? Here are some of my favorite things to do in the Algarve in summer:

  • Surfing (western Algarve)

  • Beach picknicks

  • Hanging out by the pool

  • Hiking

  • Horse riding

  • Swimming

  • Coasteering

  • Shell searching

  • Beach exploring

  • Road trips

  • Visiting old towns

  • Dolphin tours

  • Kayaking

  • Supping

  • Boat tours along the cliffs

Things to do in the Algarve in summer
Shell searching, Algarve


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