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My favorite adventure in the Algarve: coasteering!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

This is definitely not for you if you're scared of hights but if you're not, this is one of the most exciting activities you can do when you're in the Algarve: coasteering!

Adventure in the Algarve: coasteering

So what is coasteering? It's a mixture of climbing, swimming, hiking and cliff jumping along (the Algarve) coast. Safety first! You are packed up with a buoyancy aid, wetsuit, and a helmet. Your guide will take you on a tour and knows all about the tides, weather and best timing to go out this great adventure.

Coasteering is the ideaal activity if you're up for a sporty adventure! Swimming trough sea caves in the beautiful ocean in combination with climbing and jumping just makes this the ultimate activity! The Algarve is also the perfect for it because this region has such an insanely beautiful coastline. The clear blue water and dramatic rock formations with its natural sea caves make this the ideal spot to go coasteering. You'll find several companies that can take you on a guided tour around Sagres. I went with Coastline Algarve before and definitely had an awesome experience!


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