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Christmas in the Algarve

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

For those looking to discover and enjoy the beauty of the Algarve during Christmas, this blog post will help you choose what to do, where to stay and will give you information on what the Algarve is like during Christmas time. Discover more about the weather and other seasonal events that are great for meeting locals and exploring the small towns.

What's in this blog

The weather

What to pack

Things to do

Where to stay

Christmas vibes

The Algarve in Christmas time - December
Praia dos três irmãos, Alvor, Algarve

The weather

I personally love spending winter in the Algarve. In comparison to home, the weather here is pretty amazing. However, it's still winter and the weather is mild but also unpredictable. I've had serious beach chilling days in December but that's not the daily standard.

The average daily temperature is around 17 degrees but can feel much warmer during daytime. At night time temperatures can drop as low as 9 degrees. So you'll be having dinner inside most of the time whilst you can enjoy daytime outside in the sun. I love to snuggle up next to the fireplace with a glass of red wine after a big day of surf or hiking.

Also keep in mind, December is the wettest month in the Algarve. However most days are usually bright and sunny but a storm and some rain can occasionally occur.

Good to know: the south coast of the Algarve is significantly warmer. If you're going to the west coast for Christmas other temperatures and weather conditions apply.

Summarizing the weather around Christmas: the weather is unpredictable but in general (compared what your used to) super lovely with sunny days and comfortable mild temperatures during daytime.

Christmas in the Algarve
Last December in the Algarve


What to pack for Christmas in the Algarve

Pack for every kind of weather. Bring some jumpers, a light jacket and a beanie but make sure to bring a bikini if you love a dive in the pool or ocean. A dress or shorts and shortsleeved clothes are also essential.

The Algarve for Christmas - Christmas in the Algarve
Last December in Praia da Luz


Things to do

Of course you want to get the most out of your stay in the Algarve. I've got you! There are so many fun things to do, also in December and around Christmas. Good to know: a lot of guided activities will be closed on Christmas like everywhere else in Europe.

If you're looking for some great activities for the days around the holidays. I've already wrote some of my favorite ones down for you, even for when it rains! So have a look at my other blogs. 👇

Christmas in the Algarve
Last December in the Algarve


Where to stay

Finding the perfect place to stay can be a challenge. That's why I've already highlighted some of my favorite places for you to stay during the holidays below.

Caneiros Luxury Suites

With a view across the beautiful valleys and great Atlantic ocean in a beautiful tranquil location, this place is a true piece of paradise. Soak yourself in some luxury and enjoy the Algarve at its best in this luxury boutique hotel.

Places to stay for Christmas in the Algarve
Caneiros luxury suites, Carvoeiro, Algarve

Review score 9.3

Quinta Azul Bed & Breakfast

This dreamlike boutique bed & breakfast is located in Monte Carvoeiro, about half an hour walk from the town center. The lush gardens and phenomenal views of the stunning Algarve landscape, make this place a little piece of heaven on earth.

Hotels for Christmas in the Algarve
Quinta Azul, Carvoeiro, Algarve

Review score 9.7


This place is the ultimate escape from big city life. Revive your soul in nature between the sea and mountains in one of the most stylish yet chilled ambiances you will ever be. This hotel is a truly special one and just breathed relaxation.

hotels for Christmas in the Algarve
Hospadaria, Tavira, Algarve

Review score 9.6

These are just a few of my favorite places to stay. Check out more of my blogs with stunning places to stay and book your Christmas holiday.


Christmas vibes in the Algarve

Sunny beach days don't exactly come to mind when I'm thinking of Christmas. More cold wet and windy weather, decorations and hot choco. Nevertheless, the Portuguese love Christmas and they start soon with everything Christmas! Visit in November or even late October and you'll be hearing Christmas songs in the supermarket. Shiny plastic Christmas decorations are much loved in the Algarve. Overall you for sure will get some Christmas vibes!

The Algarve is usually pretty quiet in the winter months but gets increasingly busy over Christmas time, so it's nice and cozy! The Portuguese celebrate Christmas Eve (24th) with long traditional (codfish) dinners that are followed by the midnight mass.

Want to go out for dinner during Christmas? Make sure to book far in advance as many restaurants are closed.


I hope have all the information you were looking for after reading this blog. I wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year! Feliz Natal! 🎄


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