The Algarve in February and what it's like

I get it, it's winter and you're sooo in need of some sun. The Algarve is one of the sunniest places in Europe but what is the Algarve like in February? Let me tell you! 👇

The Algarve in Februari

I love spending winters in the Algarve. Okay I'll admit, February not my favorite month to travel to the Algarve but it's still a great time to go. Why? Because the weather is still pretty good if you compare it to the cold little country I'm from. February is the coolest month of the year in the Algarve but it's still sunny and temperatures don't get really low (in my opinion😉). Important is to pack for different kinds of weather. Bring a bikini but also a jumper and light jacket and maybe a beanie. The average temperature is around 17-18 degrees but can feel much warmer in the sun. The ocean temperature is a little cold for swimming but it's a great time to visit if you're looking for good surf! Nature in February is beautiful as between February and June everything is just so green.

The warmest part of the Algarve is the eastern Algarve. The more west you travel, the colder it usually gets, especially ones you go around the corner at Sagres. I would recommend staying everywhere in between the Spanish boarder and Salema. Sheltered beaches like Praia dos Três Castelos are perfect for February beach days to chill and spend time away from the wind in the sun.

Overall, it's not the best time of year if you want to spend your holiday in a bikini on the beach but if you love outdoor activities and some sun, February is good moth to visit.

Summarizing, this is good to know about the Algarve in February:

  • The average temperature is around 17-18 degrees

  • Temperatures can feel much warmer during daytime but chilly in early mornings and evenings.

  • Bring clothes for all kinds of weather

  • Its great weather for outdoor activities

  • Look for sheltered beaches to enjoy a nice beach day

  • Stay anywhere in between the Spanish boarder and Salema for the best weather

All together I would still recommend traveling here if you just need some outdoor time in beautiful nature under the Portuguese sun.