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Living in the Algarve

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

So, you're thinking about moving to the Algarve. Or soon you will be. Welcome! And congratulations on your choice of this incredible region to spend the best years of your life. As well as the climate, leisure and tourist infrastructure, there's much else to make your choice of destination irresistible in these sunny climes: the most beautiful beaches in Europe, affordable living, the mountains for hiking and biking, educational facilities for children, shopping, many (outdoor) sport and leisure activities, great waves and surf towns, golf courses, the beautiful nature and wide open spaces which make this region so special.

living in the Algarve
Burgau, Algarve

The weather in the Algarve is a major consideration for anyone contemplating moving there, as well as being important to entertainers and sports people. Because of its Mediterranean climate, the Algarve offers balmy summers - peaking at around 35 degrees Celsius. The winters are less extreme and temperatures are mild with perfect temperatures for outdoor activities, sports and surfing. The mid seasons are my favorite months in the Algarve. With beautiful purple fall skies, blossoming bougainvillea and greens lush lands in the spring!

The Algarve is the southern-most province of Portugal. The province encompasses a large area of natural beauty and some very diverse terrain, including high mountains, large sandy areas, wild beaches, lovely rivers and lakes, picturesque fishing villages, beautiful beach towns and much more. Some towns can be very small and quiet while other areas always have something going on. Enjoy a meal with friends and family over some great local seafood at one of the many restaurants to spending time on your own private sandy beach with just a book for company. Whatever you prefer there is plenty for all sorts of different people.

Living in the algarve
Vila dos Piscos, Carvoeiro

The best towns to live in the Algarve

How do you make the decision on where to buy or rent a holiday home in Portugal? I'm often asked where to live in the Algarve, and spend a lot of time showing people around this beautiful coastline. The different towns have a huge variety of styles, attractions and offer different activities.

Here are my personal recommendations: :

  • Lagos: because of its expat community and facilities.

  • Burgau: because it's close to bigger towns like Lagos and Praia da Luz but tranquil and beautiful.

  • Portimão: because of the mainly local inhabitants.

  • Ferragudo: because it's close to bigger towns like Portimão but a little more tranquil and picturesque.


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