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Easter in the Algarve: this is what you want to know

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Wondering if Easter is the right time to travel to the Algarve? Shortly: it is! Let me tell you why. 👇

Easter in the Algarve, Algarve Easter
Algarve in April (Easter)

The weather

The Algarve is super green around Easter time. The weather is quite mild but usually warm enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts, chill by the pool and doing (outdoor) activities like hiking, exploring beaches and surfing.

I've actually had many days in April (and even March!) with 25+ degrees, chilling in my bikini at the beach. However, when planning for your Easter trip definitely also bring a jumper and maybe a light jacket as the weather is more changeable and can get more chilly in the evenings.


The best towns to stay around Easter

Flight, apartments and hotels can be more expensive around Easter in the Algarve as many people have days off and choose to travel. Besides that, Easter is perfect time of year for a little getaway to the Algarve and soaking up some sun!

Easter in the Algarve
Burgau, Algarve

Wondering what the best places are to stay in the Algarve? Check out these blogs:


My personal recommendations:

hotels & apartments

Depending on where you'd like to be staying in the Algarve, I've already listed ,y favorite hotels and apartments. Here are some categories for you!

Lastly, make sure to check out my beach flat in the heart of Burgau, just 200 meters from the beach!

The Algarve Easter
Beach flat in Burgau (200m from the beach)


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