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The Algarve in June: what it's like and where to stay

Ready to discover the magic of the Algarve in June? June is the month when spring turns into summer and the weather gets pleasantly warm (sometimes even hot!). There are some important things to know if you're planning to visit this time of year. Let's take a closer look. 👇

In this post, I'll cover everything you need to know about The Algarve in June, from the weather, to what to pack, things to do, and where to stay.

What's in this blog?

The Algarve in Juve (Carvoeiro)
Praia da Marinha, Algarve

1. The weather in June

June is when the summer heat kicks in across the Algarve. You really start to feel summer is close. The middle of the day can already feel pretty hot with an average maximum of 28 degrees. Perfect for warm salty beach days with balmy evenings on the terrace.

The sea can still be quite chilly but can reach up to 19 degrees soo a refreshing swim is always nearby!

All together, the weather and temperatures in June are really comfortable and warm. Perfect for a beach holiday and some serious pool side chilling.

The Algarve in June. Weather and temperatures, what its like
Analog photo at Vila dos Piscos, Carvoeiro, Algarve

2. Where to stay

Where you stay in the Algarve depends on what you want from your trip. For a beach holiday with plenty of relaxation by the sea or pool, consider the central or eastern parts. You'll find picturesque beach towns like Carvoeiro with white sandy coves and charming white-washed houses. More west, you find quaint, less-touristy towns like Burgau and Salema to slightly more bustling towns like Lagos, Praia da Luz, there's something for everyone.

Check out our top recommendations for the most beautiful beach towns in The Algarve and the best area to stay.👇

3. Beautiful hotels and places to stay

Have you not yet booked an accommodation for June? I've got you! I've actually written several articles that are very useful if you're looking into the most beautiful part of the Algarve, beachfront hotels and beach towns! I've also written lists with my favorite luxury boutique hotels,  beautiful hotels in nature and places to stay on the beach! Check it out.

A few more recommendations:

Filha do Pisco

If you're looking for the perfect beach flat in the heart of a picturesque beach town, make sure to check out my place in Burgau! It's located 200 meters from the beach and a stone's throw away from restaurants and amenities.

Where to stay in the algarve in may
Filha do Pisco, Burgau

Casa Nook

Casa Nook in Sagres (and Arrifana) is a one of my faves. Its the perfect place if you if you like to combine surfing and remote working in a stylish environment.

Hotels in the Algarve in May _ Casa Nook
Casa Nook, Sagres

Caneiros Luxury Suites

Also one of my faves. This small boutique hotel is located on top of the stunning Algarve cliffs in-between the picturesque towns of Carvoeiro and Ferragudo.

Caneiros Luxury Suites, Ferragudo,  Algarve
Caneiros Luxury Suites, Ferragudo, Algarve

Vila Vita Parc

If you prefer luxury, privacy and lots of beach time, Vila Vita Parc is the place for you.

Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa - for kids
Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa


4. What to pack

The Algarve sun in June is super strong so don't forget to bring 30-50+ sunscreen! With warm day temperatures make sure to pack light and airy clothing. I would also recommend bringing something warm for the evenings outside. And of course, bring beachwear and explore the beautiful Algarve beaches. So don't forget: 😉

  • Light and airy clothes

  • High protection sunscreen

  • Sweater

  • Beach wear

The Algarve in June and what its like
Vila dos Piscos, Algarve

5. Things to do

June is a great time of year to travel to the Algarve if you love the warm Algarve sun. It's perfect beach weather and perfectly warm for enjoying water sports and tanning by the pool. All restaurants are open and the high season crowds have not yet arrived. Late June afternoons are mild enough to enjoy activities like hiking, horse riding, bird watching and climbing! Check out all the great things you can do in the Algarve June! There are perfect activities for everybody. From families to solo travellers, friends and couples. 👇

Here are some of my favorite activities for June:

To get around and discover the Algarve to the fullest, I highly recommend renting a car. Trough discover cars renting a car and comparing prices is super easy! Check out my personal favorite car rentals.

the Algarve in June
Algarve West Coast - Praia do Amado


  • The weather in June is reliable and pretty hot with average maximum temperatures of 28 degrees.

  • Don't forget to bring high protection sunscreen!

  • Bring light and airy clothes for the warm days and a jumper for the evenings.

  • June is a great time to visit if you love spending days at the beach, (afternoon or early morning) hiking, water sports and liveliness.

  • June is pretty lively in the Algarve but the hordes of summer tourist have not yet arrived.

  • Prices in June are much cheaper comparing to July and August!


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