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Best places to stay in the Algarve during January

Planning a trip to the Algarve in January? The region boasts an array of accommodations ideal for a cozy yet sunny winter retreat. Let's explore some fantastic hotels, towns and other accommodations that offer comfort, sun, sea and a touch of charm to elevate your Algarve experience.

Where to stay in the Algarve in January
Bela Vista Hotel & Spa

1. Boutique beachfront hotels

Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of ocean waves. The Algarve hosts an array of boutique beachfront hotels that provide a serene and stylish ambiance. Whether it's the luxurious Vila Joya in Albufeira, Caneiros Luxury Suites in Ferragudo or the intimate Vila Vita Parc in Porches, these establishments offer stunning views and top-notch amenities for a relaxing stay. Perfect for your January get away.


Where to stay in January: villa
Vila dos Piscos, Carvoeiro

2. Charming villas and resorts

For a more private and spacious option, consider renting a villa or staying at a resort. Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo are renowned for their upscale villas and resorts, providing an elegant escape with access to golf courses, spas, and exquisite dining options.


Retreats in January
To the Sea Retreat, Carvoeiro

3. Luxury retreats

Escape the hustle and bustle by choosing for a countryside or oceanside retreat. Inland towns like Monchique and Loulé offer charming guesthouses, beautiful yoga retreats and rustic cottages nestled amidst picturesque landscapes. Places like Casa Modesta in Quatrim do Sul offer tranquility and a chance to immerse yourself in Algarve's natural beauty or check out this magical luxury yoga retreat in the beautiful Pine Cliffs resort.


Algarve places winter
Analog picture of Burgau

4. Quaint beach town accommodations

Embrace the charm of Algarve's beach towns by staying in places like Praia da Luz, Alvor, Carvoeiro, or Sagres. The Pestana Alvor Praia and Tivoli Carvoeiro offer stunning sea views and proximity to beautiful beaches, making them perfect retreats for a tranquil January getaway.

My recommendations for winter stays:


Renting a car

To get around and discover the Algarve to the fullest, I highly recommend renting a car. Trough discover cars renting a car and comparing prices is super easy! Check out my personal favorite car rentals.


Choosing the right accommodation in the Algarve during January depends on your preferences for relaxation, activities, and aminities. Whether it's a beachfront escape, a serene yoga retreat, or a villa for the fam , there's a perfect lodging waiting to make your Algarve trip unforgettable.


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