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A beautiful hike: walk from Praia da Luz to Lagos

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

At the famous and stunning viewing point of Ponta da Piedade (Lagos) you can start one of my favorite hikes and walk all the way to Praia da Luz. The walk is part of the 4 day hike, The Fishermen's trail.

walk from Lagos to Praia da Luz
Ponta da Piedade, Lagos


How to start

First things first: once you're at the starting point of Ponta the Piedade, go check it out! Walk all the way down the steep steps to see the rocky caves, clear water and sea bridges! Once you're back up, start walking west and you'll find a boardwalk going in the right direction to Praia da Luz. The route is quite simple! Just keep walking in western direction with the ocean on your left side on the unpaved path and enjoy the beautiful views.

walk from Lagos to Praia da Luz
Rocha Negra, Praia da Luz

Eventually you'll pass Praia do Canival and Praia do Porto Mos. Walk down to the beaches from the cliffs and continue back up on the cliffs. Just keep walking and you will get to the beautiful Rocha Negra. This huge black rock formation is stunning, especially around sunset when the sky colors deep red and purple. Continue the unpaved trail to the town and follow the path down to the cute beach town of Praia da Luz.

Enjoy a nice drink at the boulevard and see (one my favorite) sunsets whilst the surfers catching their last waves.

Lagos to Praia da Luz walk
Hiking route from Lagos to Praia da Luz

Like most cliff hikes this is a one way route. You can choose to be super sporty and walk back but taxis are usually not to expensive and costs around €12 - €15 to get back to Lagos from the town center of Praia da Luz.


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