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Where to find the Portuguese tiles and ceramics in the Algarve

Who doesn't love them? The typical traditional tiles called azulejos. They're not just to be found in Porto and Lissabon but also in the Algarve. Like to know where to find some beautiful tiles in the Algarve? Let me tell you. 👇

1. Silves

Central Algarve

Silves is the oldest town in the Algarve. The town is best known for its beautiful red castle (Castelo dos Mouros) built on the hill but there is more to discover in this charming town. In the picturesque streets of the historic center you'll find stylish mansions located next to small colorful homes covered with the Portuguese tiles called Azulejos.

Portuguese tiles in the Algarve
Silves, Algarve


2. Porches Pottery

Central Algarve

Porches pottery is a traditional Portuguese pottery close to Carvoeiro and Benagil. Here you enter an oasis of Portuguese ceramics. Tiles, plates, wall decoration, tea pots and more is all to be found right here in this beautiful and cozy pottery. There is also a really cute little cafe next to the pottery where they have the best carrot cake I've ever had in my life! Perfect to sit outside on a hot sunny day in the shade of the bougainvillea enjoying your coffee or late lunch with vino verde.

More of my favorite potteries:

where to find the Portuguese tiles (azulejos) in the Algarve
Porches Pottery, Porches


3. Faro

Central Algarve

Looking down on the city of Faro as you land on its airport you will already see the unique location of this city. The clear blue water and small islands in front create quite a beautiful view up from the sky. The historic town centre is perfect for wandering the cute cobbled streets with many traditional tiled churches and houses. It's a relatively small and charming city with beautiful buildings and many atmospheric streets filled with cute little restaurants overgrown with bougainvillea.

Where to find the Portuguese tiles in the Algarve
Azulejos, Algarve


4. Tavira

Eastern Algarve

In the east of the Algarve you'll find the larger of town Tavira. An absolutely stunning place to visit. The many cobbled streets with traditionally tiled houses make this the perfect place to visit when you're looking for the traditional Portuguese tiles. You'll also find many cute shops and family owned restaurants.


5. Ferragudo

Central/Western Algarve

The beautiful traditional town of Ferragudo is a cute fishing village with whitewashed houses, streets overgrown with bougainville flowers and steep hillside cobbled streets. The town center is beautifully preserved and you'll find many walls of houses coverend with the famous Portuguese tiles here.

Where to find the Portuguese tiles in the Algarve
Ferragudo, Algarve

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You can find beautiful Portuguese ceramics and hand painted tiles- espaco Luzitano in

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