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Where to do yoga in the Algarve

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Always looking to practice yoga on your holiday? There are many places to practice yoga and there are lovely yoga schools around. I've written a view down for you.

the best yoga places in the algarve
Algar Seco

On the cliffs

My absolute favorite. Take your mat and head out for a sunrise or sunset yoga session on top of the amazing beautiful cliffs. Listen to the seagulls, waves and waves blowing trough the palmtrees. What more do you want?

Beach yoga class - everywhere in the Algarve

Since the Algarve has the most days with sunshine in Europe, it is the perfect place to practice outside. There are plenty of yoga schools in the Algarve and almost all of them offer beach yoga. So google yoga schools near you, check their websites and book al class.

Yoga Sagres

This yoga school is located on the rooftop of one of my favorite coffee and breakfast places in the Algarve, the Laundry Lounge. They have a nice rooftop deck and you can just do drop-in classes. End your morning session with a nice smoothy and enjoy the sun in the lovely cafe garden.

Agni Way Yoga, Lagos

A yoga school with only good vibes that also offers breathing classes and massages. They also offer daily free breathing meditations and drop in classes for €15. If you're doubting to go, have look at their reviews. They're amazingly welcoming!


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